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21" Front Spoke Wheel Chrome 2.15" - No School Choppers

21" Front Spoke Wheel Chrome 2.15" Panhead Knucklehead Chopper

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VT No: 52-0103 Replica 21" X 2.15" front star hub type wheel kit includes a chrome hub, chrome rim, chrome spokes and rubber rim strip. Wheel is assembled like stock with loose roller bearings. *Manufactured by V-Twin. *NOTE: All spokes on wheel need to be inspected and re-torqued after 500 miles of original installation. *NOTE: Wheels accept metal stem inner tubes. *Note: UPS may consider this part as packaged "oversize" for shipment, as compared to the actual weight, which will result in higher shipping costs. Fits: EL 1936-1940 FL 1941-1966 UL 1937-1948 UOM: 1 - EA Country of Origin: Imported